About Us

ChicRugs (CHIC RUGS AUSTRALIA) is an Australian Family Owned & Operated online store.

Our motto:

A house is never complete without a carpet or an area rug. ChicRugs was born with the mission of supplying affordable and high quality rugs in Australia. In our mind, buying a rug online should be like walking in a store in a more convenient way. With this idea in our mind, we offer high quality images taken from different angles and well written descriptions along with excellent customer service.

What we offer:

We offer wide varieties of rugs to suit every budget and choice. Different styles of rugs including Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, Moroccan, Scandinavian and Shaggy are available at our store. We have rugs for all areas of your home such as living & dining rooms, hallways, kitchens, kids rooms, outdoor areas and bedrooms. To make sure that whatever rug you are looking for your home, we offer them in all shapes & sizes, from square, rectangle and round rugs, to large, medium and small. Be sure to select a rug that best matches your floor and walls.

Be in touch:


ABN 80 709 403 098